Reason why dental implants are expensive?

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Now, more and more people choose to repair their missing teeth by implanting teeth. Unlike the trouble of wearing dentures, after installing the implants, you can use it like ordinary teeth, beautiful and practical! A good dental implant may seem inconspicuous, but the technical equipment behind it is far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Let’s take a look at some important inputs for implanting a good tooth.

1, the cost of hardware equipment

The cost of hardware equipment is mainly reflected in the disinfection equipment, inspection equipment, anesthesia equipment and surgical equipment of the service institution. After all, dental implants are a minimally invasive procedure. The precision requirements are very high, and the implants are usually only a few millimeters. If you want minimally invasive and minimally painful results, you must rely on these large medical devices for accurate positioning.

Friends who go to the hospital know that the more precise and clear the equipment, the more expensive it will be. In order to develop the most suitable implantation plan for the patient, it is necessary to purchase large-scale imported minimally invasive implantation devices at a high cost, with an average price of one million units. And of course there are the daily costs of regular maintenance of sophisticated digital technology software by doctors and teams.

2, the cost of planting materials

Dental implants are high-tech products. The so-called “every cent for the price” uses different materials, so the price is naturally different, the materials and craftsmanship are also different, and the price is also very different. The price difference of each implant system mainly comes from three aspects: raw material quality, processing quality (precision, strict inspection system, etc.) and brand.

Therefore, the production cost of the integrated material, the processing cost and the cost in the recycling process will inevitably have a great impact on the cost of dental implants. Choosing the zirconia dental crown materials type is also a matter, Multi-layer zirconia blocks is a great option, as it will present aesthetic and nature dentures, especially the anterior implant zirconia restoration.

zirconia blocks

3. Implant doctor technology

Practically everyone thinks dental implants are so expensive. They just think that the structure of material prices and selling prices is unreasonable, but most of us often overlook the added value of technology. Various therapeutic technologies from R&D, maturity to final clinical application require a lot of investment in human and material resources.

The doctor who performs dental implant surgery largely determines the effectiveness and longevity of dental implants. Dental implants require a very high level of skill, not just the average doctor can do.

To become an excellent implant dentist, not only need to learn professional theoretical knowledge in the early stage of clinical work, but also need a lot of hands-on learning to accumulate more professional skills, such as surgical experience, periodontal treatment expertise and oral prosthodontics. Only doctors with a higher overall level are competent. Therefore, the percentage of specialist treatment costs in the total cost of dental implants will also be reflected.

Professional dentist team

4, other expenses

Dental implant patients need to go through the steps of preoperative examination → other oral treatment → implant surgery → demolding → crown wearing from the beginning of consultation.

During the preliminary examination stage, if other periodontal problems are found, the periodontal problems must be treated first. If the alveolar bone is not wide and high enough, then implantation should be considered after bone grafting. If four or five surgeries are required at the same time to complete the implant treatment, the cost will be relatively expensive.

In addition, after the operation, the medical team needs to closely observe the postoperative response and follow-up control of the missing teeth, and return to the hospital for examination every year.

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The price of dental implants includes the above four aspects, which cannot be solved by low cost. Pursuing low prices may lower the standards in the above four factors and bring some hidden dangers to treatment.

So please remind everyone: cheap dental implants usually cannot guarantee the quality and success rate. Beware of losing money and hurting your teeth. The most important thing about teeth is: safe, effective, stable and durable.

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