How to extend the life of the dental handpiece? just do these

High-speed hand pieces used in dental clinics are precision micro devices. In addition to sterilizing the hand piece every day, proper use and maintenance are also important measures for the normal operation and longevity of the hand piece. Misuse will lead to reduced working speed. Noise and vibration Large, the bearing ball frame is damaged, and the service life is greatly reduced. So, I’ve put together a few points for your daily work and various instructions for using your phone to learn with you.

  1. Before use:
  2. Before installing the hand piece, please click the foot switch to spray the remaining air and water in the pipe, and observe whether the outlet air is normal, then install the hand piece bur:

Button type: Press the button on the head of the hand piece to install and remove the bur, release the button, the needle will be clamped. After installing the needle, please manually check if it is normal.

  1. Click the foot switch to adjust the water to the proper flow and the air to the proper pressure. The standard pressure for high-speed hand piece is 0.2-0.23.
  2. Note: It is strictly forbidden to step on the foot switch before the handpiece is equipped with a needle, otherwise it will cause the three-petal spring to rotate out, thus damaging the hand piece dental instrument.

endodontic handpiece

  1. In use:
  2. The hand piece must be careful, meticulous and lightweight during use. Cruel operation is strictly prohibited, and it is best to avoid falling from a high place.
  3. No matter what the angle is, it should be operated in the way of up and down operation, and it should be lightly touched, jogged, and must not be forced sideways.
  4. Use the improved pen-holding method to hold the phone, find a stable fulcrum, and operate it intermittently.
  5. According to the different tooth positions and the shape of the prepared hole, replace the handpiece and bur in time to minimize the wear on the hand piece bearing.
  6. When using sharp needles, blunt needles are not only time-consuming and laborious, but also damage the phone and increase the pain of the patient.
  7. When using the hand piece, be sure to check whether the needle is loose to avoid flying needles.
  8. The one-time workload is too large, two hand pieces should be used in sequence to avoid overloading the hand piece and damage the hand piece, and secondly, to save the time to replace the hand piece.
  9. The rotor of the hand piece shakes seriously in the radial direction. Stop using it immediately when it moves vertically. It is strictly forbidden to use the phone without or with little water.
  10. The air pressure and water pressure will change with the use of the treatment table. Therefore, the air pressure and water pressure should be checked frequently during clinical operations to ensure the normal use of the hand piece.
  11. Cleaning:

The phone should be cleaned as soon as possible after use, otherwise the dirt will solidify and be difficult to clean.

Before unloading the needle, clean the debris on the working head with water mist, then scrub with 75% alcohol.

Or clean with an ultrasonic cell phone cleaner.

Fourth, maintenance (refueling):

The air pressure oil spray tank is the most ideal lubrication tool, it can not only lubricate the hand piece, but also achieve the effect of cleaning the bearing and the wind wheel.

  1. Before using the fuel injection tank, remove the bur (the screw type hand piece can be rotated 1/4 turn backwards), wrap the machine head with paper, and insert the fuel tank nozzle into the air intake hole of the hand piece to ensure sufficient air pressure.
  2. The air pressure fuel injection tank must be used vertically, and each injection is 2-3 seconds.

      3.2-hole hand piece, the nozzle is aimed at the big hole; 4-hole hand piece nozzle is aimed at the second big hole.

  1. In the case of dripping oil, drip 4 drops of oil into the big hole, and then use an air gun to intermittently blow air into the filling hole for 30 seconds.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use industrial lubricating oil for lubrication to prevent the patient from being poisoned.
  3. Hand pieces that are not used for a long time should be oiled, sealed and stored.

Any tool has certain operating procedures and methods of use. Only by using it in the correct way can the performance and life of the tool be guaranteed. The same is true for hand pieces. The actual operation experience sums up your own better use method, so that your hand piece will be better to use, and its life will be longer.